Tennis Elbow natural cures

Tennis Elbow Definition

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis, is an injury to the elbow resulting from overuse.

Tennis Elbow Diagnosis

The doctor examines the elbow and applies pressure to, or move the affected area to evaluate the stiffness. An X-ray may be done to rule out other causes such as a fracture or arthritis. In rare cases, comprehensive imaging studies are done.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

The condition is initially treated with self-care measures such as rest, putting ice in the area, and using acetaminophen or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen. However, they can cause serious gastrointestinal problems if used in a long term. If these steps do not work, the doctor may suggest an expert evaluation of the condition to determine the steps in reducing the stress on the injured tissue. Exercises are also recommended by a physical therapist to gradually stretch and strengthen the muscles. Injection of a corticosteroid injection may also be suggested if the pain is severe and persistent. Surgery is an option when other approaches have not eased the pain.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms and Signs

Individuals with the condition experience pain radiating from the outside of the elbow into the forearm and wrist, pain when touching or bumping the outside of the elbow, and pain when extending the wrist. They may also have a weak or painful grip during certain activities such as shaking hands or turning a doorknob. At other times, they may still feel pain even when their arms are still.

Tennis Elbow Causes
Playing tennis is one of the main causes of tennis elbow. However, other common arm motions may also cause the condition such as using a screwdriver, hammering, painting, raking, and weaving.

Tennis Elbow by state

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