Mesenteric ischemia natural cures

Mesenteric ischemia Definition

Mesenteric ischemia is a medical condition where inadequate blood supply inflames and injures the small intestine

Mesenteric ischemia Diagnosis

Diagnosis means having the physician ruling out other conditions with the same symptoms; in this regard, general health, medical history, and symptoms will be examined. A physical examination will be made followed by other appropriate tests such as blood tests, angiogram, CT and MRI scans and Doppler ultrasound

Mesenteric ischemia Treatment

Treatment for the condition whether chronic or acute means re-opening the affected artery to enable good blood flow to reach the intestine. Because time is crucial, most surgeries performed for this condition may be immediate. Typical surgeries include trans-aortic endarterectomy which removes the plaque blocking the mesenteric artery; bypass surgery, angioplasty and stenting. For clotting, doctors recommend thrombolytic agents, to dissolve the clot.

Mesenteric ischemia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of the condition can vary according to whether it is categorized as acute, sub-acute or chronic. General symptoms present include abdominal pain, possible shock and metabolic acidosis, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, blood in the rectum and constipation. When one has acute mesenteric ischemia stomach pains may be severe and sudden.

Mesenteric ischemia Causes
Atherosclerosis which leads to a clot or an embolus is one of the most common causes as restricted blood flow is contributive to the condition. An embolus in particular can travel to a mesenteric artery, blocking blood flow. Other possible causes include aortic dissection, occlusion or blockage of the veins in the bowel area and coagulation disorders.

Mesenteric ischemia by state

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