Mercury poisoning natural cures

Mercury poisoning Definition

Mercury poisoning is also known as mercurialism, hydrargyria, Hunter-Russell syndrome, or acrodynia when the victims are children.

Mercury poisoning Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made on the symptoms present as well as clinical investigation on the source of the exposure.

Mercury poisoning Treatment

The front line treatment of mercury poisoning is chelation therapy using DMSA, DMPS or ALA. A study also showed that the sodium salt of 2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid was a promising treatment to lower levels of mercury in the body.

Mercury poisoning Symptoms and Signs

The first symptoms target sensory perceptions such as vision, hearing and speech; there is also a noticeable lack of coordination. But the type and degree of visible symptoms will depend on such factors as the individual toxin, the dosage taken and the method as well as the duration of exposure. Children who have been poisoned will have very red cheeks and nose, erythematous lips, hair, teeth and nail loss, rashes, muscle weakness, and photophobia. There can also be kidney failure as well as neuropsychiatric symptoms

Mercury poisoning Causes
The cause is exposure to mercury or any of its toxic compounds in sufficient amounts to affect the body. Being a cumulative heavy metal poison that occurs in elemental form, inorganically as salts, or organically as compounds, these variations offer varying degrees of toxicity. Eating fish laden with mercury is the leading cause of exposure.

Mercury poisoning by state

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