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Merasmus Definition

Merasmus is a disease characterized by progressive emaciation and general wasting as a consequence of a weakened disposition rather than any specific identifiable cause. It is generally considered to be a type of malnutrition. Merasmus may also be spelled Marasamus, Mirasmus or Marasumus. Sometimes, it is also referred to as Miasma.

Merasmus Diagnosis

Merasmus is usually determined secondary to the diagnosis of certain underlying conditions. For example, anorexia nervosa and other types of eating disorders usually list merasmus as a symptom and/or complication. In general, no diagnostic tests are necessary beyond the initial clinical evaluation.

Merasmus Treatment

Merasmus treatment is focused on compensating for protein and calorie deficiencies. Nutritional management is an integral part of therapy, and may involve an increase in calorie and nutritional intake with the help of certain food supplements. Other treatment methods focus on managing acute symptoms as well as avoiding further complications.

Merasmus Symptoms and Signs

Merasmus is commonly associated with the condition of "wasting away" for no apparent or ascertainable reason. Common signs of merasmus includes: growth retardation; developmental problems; muscle wasting; lethargy; impaired immunity; vomiting; loss of fat or body mass; and delayed wound healing. Starving is generally considered an extreme form of merasmus.

Merasmus Causes
While the exact cause of merasmus is not currently known or understood, the disease is believed to result from severe deficiencies of essential nutrients in the body, particularly from deficits of protein and calories.

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