Meningoencephalocele natural cures

Meningoencephalocele Definition

By definition, Encephalocele is also sometimes known by the Latin name cranium bifidum and is a neural tube defect that is characterized by sac-like protrusions of the brain and the membranes that cover it. These sacs actually protrude outside through openings in the skull.

Meningoencephalocele Diagnosis

Diagnosis is usually achieved by testing the mother's blood or what you call AFP Screening during pregnancy to see if there are defects with the neural tube. A fetal ultrasound is also used.

Meningoencephalocele Treatment

Preventing further damage to the nervous tissue as well as arresting infection makes it necessary for pediatric neurosurgeons to operate in order to close the protrusions.

Meningoencephalocele Symptoms and Signs

The malformations which normally occur in the lumbar and sacral areas of the spinal cord results in impairment in these specific areas which result to the following conditions or symptoms; paralysis, poor or non-existent bowel movement as well as bladder control, absence of skin sensation, curvature of the spine or scoliosis which depends on the degree and location of the lesion damage on the spine. It is not also unusual to find spina bifida patients with cognitive problems although mental retardation is often rare. Another common problem associated with the condition is known as the Tethered Spinal Cord syndrome, with accompanying symptoms such as leg weakness, lower body pain, incontinence, curvature of the spine and general numbness.

Meningoencephalocele Causes
Similar to other forms of spina bifida, Meningoencephalocele is caused by the failure of the neural tube to close completely during fetal development, thus exposing the spinal cord and creating the protrusions. There have been studies linking the condition to a deficiency in folic acid.

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