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Meningitis Definition

Meningitis is one of the more common diseases which result from the inflammation of the protective membranes that the central nervous system, known collectively of course as the meninges from where it gets its name.

Meningitis Diagnosis

Diagnosis can be established with the present symptoms as well as physical examination. Tests can also be conclusively established with lumbar puncture, CSF analysis, blood tests (electrolytes, liver and kidney function, inflammatory markers and a complete blood count) and X-ray of the chest.

Meningitis Treatment

Once identified, antibiotics must be given even before conclusive results from lumbar puncture or CSF is out. Additional treatments include usage of corticosteroids to arrest mortality, permanent hearing loss and possible neurological damage.

Meningitis Symptoms and Signs

A severe headache is the most common symptom of the disease and followed by followed by nuchal rigidity or neck stiffness; this is the classic triad that may confirm meningitis- fever, nuchal rigidity and an altered mental status. Other symptoms commonly associated with meningitis are photophobia which is the inability to tolerate bright light, phonophobia (extreme sensitivity to loud noises), irritability and evn delirium which happens in children and seizures. For infant sufferers, there is swelling of the fontanelle.

Meningitis Causes
The main causes can range from bacteria, viruses and other infecting agents, but can also be attributed to drug reactions, cancer and even traumatic head injuries. Because its proximity to the brain is very close, the possibility of neurological damage is great; once identified, immediate medical attention is necessary.

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