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Meningioma Definition

Meningiomas are actually the most common benign tumors of the brain although there is a small number which can also be malignant. They come from the arachnoidal cap cells of the meninges and represent about 15% of all primary brain tumors.

Meningioma Diagnosis

Diagnosis is done through contrast CT, MRI and arteriography.

Meningioma Treatment

Surgery is the best option for them and tumors can be resected with a permanent cure if the tumor is merely superficial and locate on the dural surface which is easily accessible. Recurrence is likely for tumors that are not accessible such as those found in the medial sphenoid bone, parasellar region, or anterior brainstem. Radiation therapy is the option for inaccessible tumors.

Meningioma Symptoms and Signs

As a rule, the larger the tumor, the more visible are the symptoms and that focal seizures are often caused by meningiomas that overlie the cerebrum. Typical symptoms include spastic weakness in legs that may be progressive and incontinence which may be caused by tumors in the parasagittal frontoparietal region. Sylvian tumors on the other hand cause an array of motor, sensory, aphasic, and seizure symptoms which depend on the location. Gliomas sometimes cause intracranial pressure that may be painful.

Meningioma Causes
The cause of meningiomas are thought to be genetic mutations. Females are more predisposed to them than men and often reach their peak of incidence at 60 years. There has also been evidence that confirms the possibility that scalp radiation increases one's chances of developing meningiomas.

Meningioma by state

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