Meninges Cancer natural cures

Meninges Cancer Definition

Meninges cancer pertains to a disorder characterized by a cancerous malignancy or carcinoma found in the brain's meninges, or that intricate system of membranes that envelops the central nervous system. If the tumor originates in the meninges, it is known as meningioma.

Meninges Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosis for meninges cancer typically starts with a physical examination that reveals distinct abnormalities. To confirm the diagnosis, imaging studies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT) scans are done to detect potentially malignant growths in the meninges.

Meninges Cancer Treatment

Most cases of meningiomas rarely spread beyond the meninges, and therefore require little or no treatment. For malignant meninges cancers, treatment may involve surgical removal of the offending mass along with radiation therapy and radiosurgery.

Meninges Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Patients with carcinoma of the meninges may exhibit the following signs and symptoms: vomiting; seizures; headaches; photophobia or photosensitivity; strange and unexplained behavioral changes; papilloedema; altered state of consciousness; and proptosis. Meningioma themselves, although generally considered benign, can compress the underlying brain tissue and cranial nerves to cause symptoms.

Meninges Cancer Causes
The specific cause of meninges cancer is not known; however, it has been associated with factors that affect some cells in the meninges membranes, making them multiply in uncontrollable amounts. This uncontrollable growth leads to a meningioma tumor and potentially cancer. Whether this process is caused by genetics, the environment, or a combination of both factors, remains unknown.

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