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Menarche Definition

Menarche is a medical term used in reference to a female's first menstrual period, or the first menstrual bleeding in women that signals her transition into puberty.

Menarche Diagnosis

There are no diagnostic steps necessary to determine menarche.

Menarche Treatment

Menarche does not require any particular treatment. However, some women may experience chronic pain during menarche, in which case medications to relieve pain and manage other symptoms may be required.

Menarche Symptoms and Signs

In most cases, menarche occurs with no discomfort or any apparent symptoms. In some cases, however, the first female bleeding may come with abdominal pain, cramps, and the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics.

Menarche Causes
Menarche is considered as the peak of a series of anatomic and physiological process related to female puberty. Menarche is achieved when the female's reproductive system reaches maturity. The timing of a female's first menstrual bleeding varies according to certain genetic and environmental factors, such as nutrition.

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