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MEMORY LOSS Definition

Memory loss refers to the different processes to which one tends to forget his thoughts, whether uncontrollably or by intent. Among kinds of memory loss are amnesia, senility, and aphasia.


Memory loss can be diagnosed via observations and physical examination, or psychoanalysis.


Different forms of treatment are given to patients with memory loss. Persons with amnesia are slowly brought back to places and people whom they lived their past with in order to remember some memories. Senile dementia is addressed with appropriate moral support as well as high-iron diet. Aphasia can be treated with speech therapy.

MEMORY LOSS Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for memory loss vary depending on the type. In amnesia, a person temporarily forgets his or her past for a certain period of time. Senility meanwhile refers to a progressive memory loss experienced by the elderly. Aphasia on the other hand describes the inability to talk.

Memory loss is caused by different reasons. Senile dementia is brought about by the degeneration of the memory glands as one grows older. Amnesia meanwhile is a result of a traumatic experience; while aphasia can be due to a stroke.

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