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Melasma Definition

A skin condition presenting as brown patches on the face of adults, where both sides of the face are usually affected is called melasma. The forehead, the cheeks, bridge of the nose and the upper lip are the most common sites of involvement for this condition.

Melasma Diagnosis

It is through skin examination that doctors may be able to diagnose melasma, because it is common and has a characteristic appearance on the face, and occasionally, a skin biopsy is necessary to differentiate melasma from other conditions.

Melasma Treatment

As treatment for melasma, use bleaching agents (hydroquinone 4%) carefully. You can not apply these agents to the normally pigmented surrounding skin, since a normal skin may also be bleached. You can use hydroquinone under the supervision of a physician, as side effects, such as darkening of the skin may occur. Other treatments include superficial chemical peels (application of an acid to remove the top layers of the skin) and mirodermabrasion (a facial sanding technique) may offer additional help; a topical agent, azelaic acid may also be helpful; and, laser therapy, although it has not yet been shown to be a satisfactory treatment.

Melasma Symptoms and Signs

The forehead, bridge of the nose, the upper lip and the face, particularly the sides (lateral portions) of the cheeks are the most common sites where dark patches of melasma are found.

Melasma Causes
Melasma has an unknown cause. A family history of melasma are more likely to develop melasma among people themselves and a change in hormonal status may also trigger this condition. Those using birth control pills may also cause melasma, however, hormone replacement therapy used after menopause has not been shown to cause the condition.

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