Melanoma, Malignant natural cures

Melanoma, Malignant Definition

Melanomas are tumors of melanocytes that are malignant and found basically on the skin but can also appear elsewhere in the body. While it is rarer compared to other skin cancers, it however causes the majority of deaths related to cancer; more frequent among Caucasian males, the WHO reports that over 48,000 deaths from melanoma occur globally every year.

Melanoma, Malignant Diagnosis

Effective diagnosis means detecting suspicious looking moles that have distinctive and often times changing colors or shapes. After visual examination, there should be a dermatoscopic exam and possibly a biopsy. If it has been found to be malignant, immediate incision is recommended.

Melanoma, Malignant Treatment

Treating melanomas means choosing surgery as the optimal choice especially for melanoma that is localized. A biopsy is important to determine the stage of a lymph node which would then dictate what kind of surgery would be performed. For cases where there has been some metastasis, radiation and chemotherapy may be used.

Melanoma, Malignant Symptoms and Signs

Like most cancers which are asymptomatic, the most crucial aspect is detecting it early. Suspicious looking growths or moles on the skin should be checked immediately especially if changes in size or color occur.

Melanoma, Malignant Causes
The causes of melanoma depend on two factors; one is intrinsic factors which could point to a family history of cancers and two is excessive sun exposure. The latter has been found to be the most contributory causes to melanomas as UV radiation damages the cells DNA.

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