Megaloblastic anemia natural cures

Megaloblastic anemia Definition

By definition, Megaloblastic anemia is a rare form of anemia classified as macrocytic that result when DNA synthesis is inhibited in the body's red blood cell production

Megaloblastic anemia Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through medical examination a traditional blood test. The Schilling test is also performed which determines the patient's ability to absorb vitamin B12.

Megaloblastic anemia Treatment

Treatment can be a simply case of diet change and Vitamin B12 injections; the physician can recommend a diet program based on a patient's unique set of circumstances.

Megaloblastic anemia Symptoms and Signs

The problem of this anemia is that its symptoms can mimic other blood related conditions. the typical symptoms include; weakened muscles, a feeling of numbness or tingling in the hands and extremities; difficulty in walking; vomiting and nausea; decreased appetite and rapid weight loss; diarrhea; increased heart rate and fatigue.

Megaloblastic anemia Causes
For one, this form of anemia has been to be more common in persons who come from northern Europe. What happens is that the disease results from the inability of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb Vitamin B12 which then results to a deficiency of this important vitamin. The root cause can be chronic gastritis, or probably gastrectomy which is the removal of all or some part of the stomach. It can also happen from type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease.

Megaloblastic anemia by state

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