Mediterranean Anemia natural cures

Mediterranean Anemia Definition

Mediterranean anemia is a type of an inherited blood disorder that is characterized by reduced levels of hemoglobin and few red blood cells in the body. Genetic defects are largely the cause of this disease. Mild conditions do not usually require any form of treatment. Although the sever form would require regular blood transfusions.

Mediterranean Anemia Diagnosis

Early diagnosis will depend on the signs and symptoms that are usually observed during early childhood. Diagnostic tests can be performed to confirm such as blood testing to check the hemoglobin levels. A DNA analysis may also be performed when deemed necessary. For mild cases of Mediterranean anemia, the symptoms are rarely noticeable and can go unnoticed all through the person's lifetime.

Mediterranean Anemia Treatment

For minor cases, no treatment is required. However, regular blood transfusion may be necessary for severe conditions.

Mediterranean Anemia Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms associated with Mediterranean anemia include shortness of breath, bone deformities usually occurring in the face, dark urine, protruding abdomen, weakness, fatigue, and slow growth. Like all other medical conditions, the symptoms would depend on the severity of the disease.

Mediterranean Anemia Causes
Mediterranean anemia is primarily caused by some defects in the genes that produces the hemoglobin an d is passed on from parent to child.

Mediterranean Anemia by state

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