Maternal Death natural cures

Maternal Death Definition

Maternal death pertains to the death of a woman during or shortly after pregnancy that arises from factors or circumstances related to pregnancy or childbirth. It is also referred to as obstetrical death or maternal mortality.

Maternal Death Diagnosis

Maternal death is rarely ever predicted. If there is a need to determine the cause of maternal death, an autopsy may be an option.

Maternal Death Treatment

Maternal death requires no treatment. However, preventive steps may be taken to avoid conditions usually associated with maternal death.

Maternal Death Symptoms and Signs

Maternal death is death that occurs while a woman is pregnant or within 42 days after her pregnancy was terminated, arising from complications related to the pregnancy itself but not from any accidental/incidental causes.

Maternal Death Causes
The most common factors that contribute to maternal death are: variants of gestational hypertension (such as HELLP syndrome and pre-eclampsia); bacterial infections; ectopic pregnancy; obstetrical hemorrhage; amniotic fluid embolism; puerperal sepsis; and complications from abortions. Risk factors that can lead to maternal death are poor nutrition and medical care. In some cases, maternal death occurs when a mother tries to terminate the pregnancy herself.

Maternal Death by state

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