Masculinisation natural cures

Masculinisation Definition

Masculinisation is a condition in which an affected female takes on a distinctly and progressively male appearance.

Masculinisation Diagnosis

Medical history, laboratory screening, and a physical exam are usually sufficient to diagnose masculinisation.

Masculinisation Treatment

Symptoms of masculinisation may be treated with estrogen replacement therapy, medications such as anti-androgen drugs, as well as targeted therapy for the underlying cause.

Masculinisation Symptoms and Signs

Masculinisation often occurs alongside hirsutism, or increased hairiness in women, particularly in areas that do not typically have hair in females. Facial hair growth, body hair growth, and male pattern hair growth are common symptoms. In addition, masculinisation may also present with: female infertility; menstrual cessation; deepening of the voice; distinct changes in body shape; shrinking breasts; loss of scalp hair; increased muscle mass; and weight gain.

Masculinisation Causes
Masculinisation may be due to normal genetic variations. For instance, some females have more hair than others. In some cases, masculinisation may be caused by hirsutism itself (rather than the latter causing the former). Hormonal changes during menopause and perimenopause are also believed to produce symptoms of masculinisation. Certain ovarian conditions such as carcinomas or polycystic ovary syndromes may also play a role. Other possible causes include: hypothyroidism; Cushing's syndrome; pituitary tumor; as well as certain drugs that may or may not be intentionally taken to trigger masculinisation (as in transgender cases).

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