Marek Disease natural cures

Marek Disease Definition

Marek's disease is an extremely contagious viral neoplastic disease in chickens that is characterized especially by proliferation of lymphoid cells and is caused by a herpes virus having several serotypes. It usually affects both commercial and backyard poultry that often results to severe production loss or death. Marek's disease causes multiple nerve changes and aids in the development of tumors in major internal organs.

Marek Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Marek's disease necessitates veterinary examination. Oftentimes, diagnosis is confirmed based on clinical signs alongside post-mortem findings.

Marek Disease Treatment

There is no cure for Marek's disease; to prevent spreading of infection, diseased birds should be removed from the flock and humanitarianly destroyed.

Marek Disease Symptoms and Signs

Marek's disease displays the following manifestation: * Progressive paralysis of one or more of the limbs or sometimes the wing or limbs. * Due to paralysis in the main nerve of the leg, birds become unable to stand, appear uncoordinated, and slowly deteriorate due to loss of water and food. * Eyes may become affected leading to blindness. * Ovaries, liver, kidney, and heart are some of the internal organs that are at a high risk of developing tumors. * Inflamed liver and spleen even without the presence of tumor. * Signs of depression * Weight loss * Loss of appetite * Anemia * Diarrhea In some cases, death is always possible even without the appearance of any symptom.

Marek Disease Causes
Marek's disease is caused by the herpes virus.

Marek Disease by state

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