Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy natural cures

Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy Definition

Map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy pertains to a condition characterized by an abnormal appearance of the eye cornea, usually with map-like patches or gray outlines resembling continents on a map. This condition is also known as epithelial basement membrane dystrophy.

Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy Diagnosis

Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy can be determined based on visible abnormalities in the cornea's appearance. A workup that involves retroillumination and keratometry may also help in diagnosis.

Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy Treatment

Treatment for Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy is mostly focused on managing pain that results from epithelial erosions. An eye patch may be recommended to immobilize the affected eye and allow it to heal. Lubricating eye drops and ointments may also be applied to facilitate healing. Other forms of treatment available include: anterior corneal punctures, corneal scraping, and excimer laser to repair surface irregularities.

Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy Symptoms and Signs

Map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy, which can affect both eyes, commonly presents with: eye pain; blurry vision; photosensitivity or extreme sensitivity to light; excessive tearing; as well as foreign body sensations in the eye.

Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy Causes
Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy is caused by an abnormal development of the epithelium's basement membrane, which primarily functions as a foundation for epithelial cells. When the basement membrane develops abnormally, epithelial cells may not be able to properly adhere themselves to it, thus leading to recurrent epithelial erosions that may create a small gap between the outermost layer and the rest of the cornea. These resulting gaps appear as odd grayish patches that resemble continents on a map.

Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy by state

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