Mansonelliasis natural cures

Mansonelliasis Definition

Mansonelliasis, also known as Mansonellosis is the condition of infection by the nematode or worm-like parasite known as Mansonella. Transmission commonly occurs through the bite of a midge. These worms live in the abdominal cavity

Mansonelliasis Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Mansonelliasis is made by placing a skin nip in saline and observing the microfilaria become apparent and surface. Confirming diagnosis is achieved by microscopic examination of the peripheral blood or skin biopsies.

Mansonelliasis Treatment

Treatment of Mansonelliasis is a challenging act because patients often do that return after a consultation. Mebendazole can be considered in treating the infection. Albendazole is also one of the effective treatments for the purpose of decreasing the parasite; though the high price of this medication makes it impracticable for mass campaign in many endemic areas. Another option in the treatment of Mansonelliasis is Ivermectin.

Mansonelliasis Symptoms and Signs

Individuals inflicted with Mansonelliasis presents the following manifestations but are quite minor and nonspecific: * Itching sensation in the skin * Headache * Swelling in one or more joints * Leg Inflammation * Increased oesinophil count in the bloodstream (hyperoesinophilia) * Hypopigmented macules in the upper trunk, shoulders, and arms

Mansonelliasis Causes
Mansonelliasis is a filarial disease caused by the genus Mansonella.

Mansonelliasis by state

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