Lyssavirus natural cures

Lyssavirus Definition

Lyssavirus is a rabies-like virus of which bats are natural reservoirs. When transmitted to humans, lyssavirus can cause a number of potentially life-threatening conditions.

Lyssavirus Diagnosis

Diagnosis of lyssavirus infections require laboratory tests to screen for the presence of the invading virus in the blood, skin, spinal fluid, nervous tissue, and other tissues.

Lyssavirus Treatment

If administered promptly, usually within 6 days from infection, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can be particularly successful in treating lyssavirus infections. In addition, the wounds or bite sites must be meticulously washed with soap and water; and, if possible, applied with virucidal antiseptics such as iodine tincture, aqueous iodine solution, povidone-iodine, or alcohol (ethanol). Some patients may receive a dose of immunoglobulin through the abdominal wall.

Lyssavirus Symptoms and Signs

Lyssavirus may typically cause the following symptoms: muscle weakness, loss of consciousness, lethargy, general weakness throughout the body, and in severe cases, coma.

Lyssavirus Causes
Lyssavirus is an organism that shares similarities with the rabies virus. Bats are the most common carriers of this virus. Infections are usually spread to humans through bites and scratches from infected bats, or through contact with contaminated blood or urine. The most widespread and aggressive form of lyssavirus to date is the Australian Bat Lyssavirus.

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