Lynch Syndrome natural cures

Lynch Syndrome Definition

Lynch syndrome is a rare inherited condition that increases the risk of colon cancer and other cancers.

Lynch Syndrome Diagnosis

Doctors may perform tumor testing such as immunohistochemisttry (IHC) testing, microsatellite instability (MSI) testing, and genetic testing to diagnose Lynch syndrome.

Lynch Syndrome Treatment

Colon cancer linked with Lynch syndrome is treated similarly to other types of colon cancer. However, surgery for Lynch syndrome colon cancer is more likely to involve the removal of more of the colon, since people with Lynch syndrome have a high risk of having additional colon cancer in the future.

Lynch Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

People with Lynch syndrome may experience: colon cancer that occurs at a younger age, especially before age 45; a family history of colon cancer that occurs at a young age; a family history of endometrial cancer; and a family history of other related cancers, including ovarian cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer, small bowel cancer, liver cancer or other cancers.

Lynch Syndrome Causes
People who inherit one of the abnormal genes associated with Lynch syndrome lack the ability to repair these minor mistakes. A collection of these mistakes leads to increasing genetic damage within cells and eventually can lead to the cells becoming cancerous.

Lynch Syndrome by state

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