Lymphosarcoma natural cures

Lymphosarcoma Definition

Lymphosarcoma is a type of lymphoma that is also commonly known as Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (Neighbors,M. and Tannehill-Jones,R. 2000 Human Diseases, pp.115-115). It is a malignant lympohoma in which neoplastic cells diffusely infiltrate the entire lymph node without any pattern.

Lymphosarcoma Diagnosis

Lymphoma is diagnosed through interview and laboratory tests and examinations like those done through blood tests, biopsy, imaging studies like x-rays, CT scan, MRI scan, lymphangiogram and Gallium scan. Bone Marrow examination is also used to detect lymphoma.

Lymphosarcoma Treatment

Treatment includes chemoratherapy.

Lymphosarcoma Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms often include swollen lymph nodes specifically from the armpit, groin and neck.

Lymphosarcoma Causes
It is not exactly known the direct cause of lymphosarcoma but those with weak immune system such as those affected with HIV, have higher incidence of lymphosarcoma.

Lymphosarcoma by state

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