Lymphocytic Colitis natural cures

Lymphocytic Colitis Definition

Lymphocytic colitis a rare condition characterized by chronic non-bloody watery diarrhea. It is a subtype of miscroscopic colitis.

Lymphocytic Colitis Diagnosis

The most accurate test in diagnosing lymphocytic colitis is through direct visualization or sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. Barium enemais also used to detect the disease.

Lymphocytic Colitis Treatment

The most common and easiest ways of treating lymphocytic colitis are through administration of over-the-counter antidiarrhea drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs such as salicylates. Lymphotic colitis respond well to mesalazine and collagenous colitis to budesonide (Fernandez- Baħares F, Salas A, Esteve M, Espin?s J, Forn? M, Viver J (2003). "Collagenous and lymphocytic colitis. evaluation of clinical and histological features, response to treatment, and long-term follow-up.". Am J Gastroenterol 98 (2): 340-7).

Lymphocytic Colitis Symptoms and Signs

Common symptoms include chronic watery, but non bloody diarrhea which may be continuous or episodic, and abdominal pain or cramps.

Lymphocytic Colitis Causes
Long term use and medications of NSAIDs, antidepressant and other drugs including overactive immune responses are the common factors considered in tracing the cause of lymphocytic colitis.

Lymphocytic Colitis by state

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      Lymphocytic colitis natural cureLymphocytic colitis natural cure
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