Lymphedema Distichiasis natural cures

Lymphedema Distichiasis Definition

Lymphedema distichiasis an inherited disorder in which an individual has extra eyelashes or a "double row of eye lashes," and swelling of arms and legs.

Lymphedema Distichiasis Diagnosis

The disorder is not usually detected or noticed until the affected individual experiences irritation of the cornea or ulceration.

Lymphedema Distichiasis Treatment

Affected individuals may undergo epilation, cryotherapy, or lid splitting surgery. The extra lashes are usually visible thus, slit lamp examination is not required to confirm the diagnosis.

Lymphedema Distichiasis Symptoms and Signs

Individuals with the condition has extra eyelashes, which may be a full extra set of lashes or an odd extra lash. They are soft and pale but usually cause irritation to the cornea. The development of the extra lashes is due to meibomian gland openings. Individuals also experience leg swelling particularly below the knees. In rare cases, there is also an occurence of cysts on the spine and other spinal column abnormalities.

Lymphedema Distichiasis Causes
The condition is genetically inherited.

Lymphedema Distichiasis by state

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