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Lumbago Definition

Lumbago is a general term pertaining to persistent pain affecting the small of the back, or more specifically, the lumbar region.

Lumbago Diagnosis

Lumbago can be diagnosed on the basis of information provided by the affected patients, along with medical history and physical symptoms. X-rays, imaging studies, and blood tests are rarely necessary, unless a more serious underlying condition is suspected.

Lumbago Treatment

In most cases, lumbago can be easily treated with rest, pain medications, and physiotherapy. Targeting the underlying cause is also an important step in therapy.

Lumbago Symptoms and Signs

Lumbago manifests with mild to severe pain in the lumbar region, particularly at the lower part of the back. The pain may occasionally spread to the buttocks, groin region, or down the back of the thighs. Additionally, the following symptoms may be observed: neck stiffness; difficulty bending forward or leaning back; distinctive change in posture; as well as a tingling sensation or numbness down the back, buttocks, or one or both legs.

Lumbago Causes
Lumbago may be caused by a variety of conditions, including: scoliosis; slipped disk; osteoporosis; and in rare cases, malignant tumors or infections in the spinal area. In majority of lumbago cases, the exact cause cannot be pinpointed.

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