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Luiphobia Definition

Luiphobia is, quite simply, an acute fear of syphilis. Syphilis, a curable sexually transmitted disease caused by a spirochaete bacterium, has many names. Throughout history, this infectious disease has been known alternatively as "the Pox", "freedom disease", "syph", and "lues". Hence, the term "luiphobia", which literally means fear of the lues.

Luiphobia Diagnosis

If the phobia advances to such a degree that the individual no longer has control over it, or if the fear is interfering with the individual's ability to perform routine tasks, a possible diagnosis can be made under one of the anxiety disorders.

Luiphobia Treatment

Several differing schools of thought are involved in the treatment of known phobias. Strategies vary from using virtual imagery, to cognitive behavioral therapy, to desensitization therapy, and even hypnosis. In most cases, anti-anxiety drugs may prove particularly helpful. Benzodiazepines are often prescribed for short-term usage. Several alternative psychotherapeutic methods also exist, but these remain a subject of much debate.

Luiphobia Symptoms and Signs

Luiphobia is a type of phobia characterized by an acute fear of contracting syphilis. By nature of a phobia, this fear is often irrational, intense, and persistent. Individuals with luiphobia may experience an inexplicable, excessive, and utterly unreasonable desire to avoid syphilis. The fear may develop to such a heightened intensity that in order to avoid the infectious bacterium, the afflicted individual can no longer resume normal activities. For example, luiphobic people may avoid public places, obsessively practice good hygiene, and, because syphilis is not necessarily transmitted via intercourse, ultimately avoid any contact with another human being.

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