Lower Back Pain natural cures

Lower Back Pain Definition

Lower back pain is a common condition in which the lumbar vertebrae swells and causes pain. It has three types of classifications, acute, subacute and chronic.

Lower Back Pain Diagnosis

Diagnostic tests for lower back pain include the evaluation of the present symptoms, X-ray findings and imaging studies to determine the presence of swelling or tumors in the lower back area.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Treatment is done based on the underlying cause of the illness. Physical therapy and compress can help keep the bones flexible and relaxed, while cortisone injections reduce the swelling for arthritic lower back pain. Tumors, thus, have to be removed.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms and Signs

The main complaint of patients suffering from lower back pain is the aching of their coccyx, down to the pelvic area. This condition can last for two to three months.

Lower Back Pain Causes
There are many causes for lower back pain. It can be a result of trauma or injury, growing tumors in the lower back area, degenerative discs, depression, and inflammation of the back joints due to arthritis.

Lower Back Pain by state

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