Louping Ill natural cures

Louping Ill Definition

It is described as a viral infection that can affect a number of species but it most significant in sheep. The tick-borne disease can be mild or severe that can cause serious neurological symptoms and even death.

Louping Ill Diagnosis

Diagnosis is usually done by looking for a particular antibody in serum and simulating the presence of the virus in a dead animal's brain.

Louping Ill Treatment

Vaccines are given to infected animals in a subcutaneous injection.

Louping Ill Symptoms and Signs

Biphasic fever Depression/anxiety Ataxia Incoordination of the muscles Tremors Paralysis of the posterior Coma

Louping Ill Causes
The cause of the disease is a tick-borne Arbovirus that belongs to the tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) compound.

Louping Ill by state

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