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Lordosis Definition

Lordosis pertains to a type of spinal deformity characterized by an increased curvature of the spine. Typically, in patients with lordosis, the spine curves forward in the lower ba

Lordosis Diagnosis

Lordosis can be diagnosed based on clinical manifestations. A physician will typically perform a physical exam and then ask questions relating to the time pattern, quality, and related symptoms of the curvature. Other diagnostic steps that may be taken include: lumbosacral spine x-ray, spine x-ray, plus a number of other tests to rule out other possible causes.

Lordosis Treatment

The characteristic spinal deformity of lordosis may be treated through the following methods: postural correction; the use of a spinal brace for back support; or taking medications that specifically target the underlying medical conditions.

Lordosis Symptoms and Signs

The most common and evident sign of lordosis is a visible forward spinal curvature of the lower back. The lumbar spine (located just above the buttocks) of lordotic patients typically shows an excessive inward curve. Other common symptoms associated with lordosis are back pain and impaired mobility.

Lordosis Causes
Lordosis may occur as a consequence of certain factors and some underlying conditions, such as: obesity, pregnancy, prolapsed disk, spinal arthritis, osteoarthritis, achondroplasia, or spondylolisthesis.

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