Loiasis natural cures

Loiasis Definition

Loiasis is a disease infecting the eyes and skin. It is caused by the loa lola filaria or nematode worm and is transmitted through horsefly bites. The disease results to red swellings which become itchy after a while.

Loiasis Diagnosis

Loiasis can be seen under microscopic examination of blood samples. To further confirm the onset of the disease, centrifugation of the blood sample in 2& formalin and filtration methods are held.

Loiasis Symptoms and Signs

Clinical symptoms of Loiasis include lymphatic dysfunction as well as Calabar swellings in the limbs which last for 2-3 days.

Loiasis Causes

The disease is brought about by Chrysops silacea and Chrysops dimidiata. These flies transmit the disease through bites on the skin.

Loiasis by state

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