Locked-In syndrome natural cures

Locked-In syndrome Definition

Locked-In syndrome is a medical condition where a patient is awake and conscious, but is unable to move any part of his body due to paralysis all almost all voluntary muscles.

Locked-In syndrome Treatment

There is no specific treatment for the Locked-In syndrome. Some patients undergo neuromuscular stimulation in the hope to regain some muscular function.

Locked-In syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Persons with the Locked-In syndrome cannot move any part of their body while awake, save from eye movement and other organs held by involuntary muscles. They also couldn't speak and become quadriplegic.

Locked-In syndrome Causes

Some of the causes of the Locked-In syndrome are traumatic brain injury, cardiovascular diseases, overdose to medication, damage to nerve cells and brain hemorrhage.

Locked-In syndrome by state

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