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Lipoma Definition

A lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty tumor situated between the skin and the underlying muscle layer.

Lipoma Diagnosis

A doctor can make a diagnosis by physical examination of the lump. If there's any doubt, the doctor may do other tests, such as removal of a tissue sample (biopsy) for examination in a laboratory.

Lipoma Treatment

No treatment is required for a lipoma, but if it is in a bothersome location, it may be removed. Other treatments include steroid injections, liposuction, and surgical removal.

Lipoma Symptoms and Signs

A lipoma is a flattened lump and located just under the patient's skin. They often appear in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and thighs. A lipoma also feels soft and doughy and moves easily with slight finger pressure. Most often, they remain small but can grown large. Lipomas can also be painful if they grow and press on nearby nerves, or if they contain many blood vessels.

Lipoma Causes
The exact cause of lipomas isn't known, though sometimes lipomas are detected after an injury. But it's not known whether they're caused by the trauma or whether their detection was just incidental. Lipomas also tend to run in families, so genetic factors are likely play a role in their development.

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