Liddle syndrome natural cures

Liddle syndrome Definition

Liddle syndrome is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder that causes problems with potassium deficiency and sodium resorption from the renal tubule. Hypertension tends to develop at infant stages because of this disease.

Liddle syndrome Diagnosis

Liddle syndrome can be diagnosed when a child is found to have high serum sodium levels and low serum potassium. The child may also be suffering from Conn's syndrome as another effect of the disease.

Liddle syndrome Treatment

The disease is treated by potassium-sparing diuretics, such as amiloride and triamterene. These drugs block the sodium channel which stops the disease from growing.

Liddle syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Children affected by the Liddle syndrome do not feel any kind of syndrome at first, and the disease is only determined when hypertension results show after undergoing a medical exam.

Liddle syndrome Causes
Liddle syndrome is caused by a disregulated mutation of Na+ channel in the 16p12-p13 gene.

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