Lichen planus natural cures

Lichen planus Definition

Lichen planus is an inflammatory illness affecting the skin and oral mucosa.

Lichen planus Diagnosis

Lichen planus can be diagnosed by undergoing biopsy, since the symptoms of the disease resemble other skin illnesses.

Lichen planus Treatment

Lichen planus can be treated by the use of oral and topical steroids, hydroxychloroquine, tacroluimus and oral retinoids. The disease may set in a dormant state after a series of treatment.

Lichen planus Symptoms and Signs

The disease usually exhibits pruritic, planar, polygonal, purple papules commonly found in the wrist and ankle. The rash also heals with bluish black discoloration that stays on the skin for a long time.

Lichen planus Causes
The exact cause of Lichen planus remains unknown, but there are cases involving allergic reactions to drugs for hypertension, arthritis and heart disease. It has also been reported to be a complication of hepatitis C infection.

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