Lichen Nitidus natural cures

Lichen Nitidus Definition

Lichen nitidus is a very uncommon, noncancerous skin condition. It is made up of tiny, skin-colored bumps (papules) that often appear in clusters on the surface of the skin, especially on the arms and legs. The cause of lichen nitidus is not known.

Lichen Nitidus Diagnosis

Lichen nitidus is typically discovered when the papules suddenly emerge on the skin. The doctor can determine whether the patient has lichen nitidus by its characteristic appearance or by taking a small sample of tissue (biopsy) and examining the tissue under a microscope.

Lichen Nitidus Treatment

THis condition gets better on its own, but therapy may be seeked for cosmetic reasons, such as steroids, antihistamines, retinoids, and phototherapy.

Lichen Nitidus Symptoms and Signs

Lichen nitidus appears as numerous skin-colored, shiny papules on the skin. The pinpoint- to pinhead-sized bumps typically appear in clusters and may resemble warts. Papules most often occur on the following skin surfaces: body trunk, legs and forearms, and genitalia.

Lichen Nitidus Causes
The cause of lichen nitidus is not known, however, it may be occasionally seen with the following conditions: lichen planus, amenorrhea, Crohn's disease, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

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