Leukomalacia natural cures

Leukomalacia Definition

Leukomalacia is a disease that causes the death of white matter in the cerebral ventricles of the brain. It can cause severe damages to fetuses and newborn babies. Premature infants face the highest risks of the said disorder.

Leukomalacia Diagnosis

Magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound can be used to diagnose leukomalacia.

Leukomalacia Treatment

Leukomalacia is treated by anticonvulsant topiramate, which is available in drugstores. Patients with the disease should take regular medical screenings to monitor defensive as well as preventive actions towards the disease.

Leukomalacia Symptoms and Signs

Children affected with leukomalacia show no signs of the said disorder, but they usually succumb to delayed mental and motor development, problems with coordination, vision and hearing. They as well experience bleeding in the cerebral ventricles which may lead to cerebral palsy.

Leukomalacia Causes
Leukomalacia is caused by oxygen deficiency in the brain, resulting to loss and eventual death of the brain tissue. The periventricular area, where the white matter is mostly found, contain the brain's nerve fibers that send stimuli within the nervous system.

Leukomalacia by state

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