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Lentigo, Solar Definition

A dark lesion caused by natural or artificial ultraviolet (UV) lights is called a solar lentigo (plural, solar lentigines), also known as sun-induced freckle or senile lentigo. These lentigins may be single or multiple. Indicating excessive sun exposure, a risk factor for the development of skin cancer, solar lentigines are benign and are different from a simple lentigo (lentigo simplex) because it is caused by exposure to UV light.

Lentigo, Solar Treatment

As treatment for the condition, your physician may freeze the area lightly with nitrogen or prescribe a bleaching cream (hydroquinone), but this is often not successful if solar lentigines are cosmetically bothersome.

Lentigo, Solar Symptoms and Signs

Typically appearing on areas exposed to natural or artificial UV light, solar lentigines appear as well-defined, light brown to black, flat spots. Solar lentigines may also occur in areas of the skin not exposed to UV light to people who have been treated with a form of UV light therapy called PUVA.

Lentigo, Solar Causes

Due to localized proliferation of melanocytes, lentigines are common in those with fair skin but are also frequently seen in those who tan easily or have naturally dark skin. This is because the melanin-producing cell, or melanocyte is damaged by UV radiation causing it to get bigger.

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