Lentigo Simplex natural cures

Lentigo Simplex Definition

A type of color-containing (pigmented) lesion not caused by sun exposure, which looks like the freckle-like condition (lentigo) cause by sun exposure (solar lentigo) is called lentigo simplex. It can occur anywhere on the body, including areas that are not exposed to sunlight. Lentigo simplex can also occur as a single lesion even if multiple lentigos are associated with several inherited syndromes, where single lesions often develop on the lips or on the gums and may be caused by some forms of ultraviolet light therapy, therefore, the lesion may be seen as identical to those caused by exposure to sunlight.

Lentigo Simplex Treatment

Being a non-cancerous (benign) lesion, your physician may recommend periodic follow-up evaluations and as well as surgical removal of single lesions that may be difficult to distinguish from malignant lesions, such as melanomas, as treatment for the condition lentigo simplex.

Lentigo Simplex Symptoms and Signs

Lentigo simplex appear as brown to almost black, small spots (macules), usually 3 mm or smaller in diameter and can occur anywhere on the body, including areas that are not exposed to sunlight. With even distribution of color, the edges (margins) may be smooth or somewhat jagged.

Lentigo Simplex Causes

Lentigo simplex has an unknown cause. Without associated conditions, multiple lentigines can occur in which case the condition is referred to as generalised lentigines or lentigines profusa and when multiple lentigines occur with associated abnormalities, the condition forms its own disease entity.

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