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leishmaniasis Definition

Leishmaniasis is a kind of disease brought about by protozoan parasites under the genus Leishmania. It is formerly known as Orient Boils, Baghdad Boil, Dum-Dum fever or Leichmaniosis.

leishmaniasis Diagnosis

Leishmaniasis is diagnosed through blood and MRI examinations. In most cases, patients diagnosed with the diseases are also found with damaged organs such as the liver and spleen.

leishmaniasis Treatment

Leishmaniasis is a deadly disease, but once diagnosed, it can be treated with medications that contain antimony, such as meglumine antimoniate, and sodium stibogluconate. Another effective cure for the disease is Miltifosine. This drug was used to treat patients in Ethiopia as well as Colombia.

leishmaniasis Symptoms and Signs

Patients with Leishmaniasis often suffer from skin sores months after incurring the parasites.

leishmaniasis Causes
The disease is caused by Leishmanian protozoans, which are carried by sand flies. Leishmaniasis is commonly spread through animals bitten by the fly, but human infection also occurs.

leishmaniasis by state

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