Ledderhose disease natural cures

Ledderhose disease Definition

Ledderhose disease, also known as plantar fibromatosis, is a non-malignant swelling and thickening of the fascia, or the feet's connective tissue. It is not painful, but the nodules growing along the foot's tendons stiffen the toes, which in turn disables the person's ability to walk properly.

Ledderhose disease Treatment

Ledderhose disease is treated by surgery of the affected sole of the foot. Post-surgery medication is recommended with the use of the drug Gadolinium. Severe cases of Ledderhose disease are treated by cryosrugery. Other drugs and ointments such as cortisone injections and clobetasol are as well used to retard the onset of the disease.

Ledderhose disease Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of the disease include a lump on the sole of the foot. It's usually painless, and the patient only feels pain when the nodule rubs on the floor or shoe.

Ledderhose disease by state

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