Laryngomalacia natural cures

Laryngomalacia Definition

Laryngomalacia is a medical condition wherein the larynx is extremely soft enough to cause breathing difficulties and also can initiate voice quality negative effects. Because the larynx is very soft, it tends to collapse during inhalation causing blockage to the airway passage. Laryngomalacia is literally referred to as soft larynx. The condition is most common to occur in infants; however, it can also occur in older patients essentially those who have neuromuscular problems that are possible to develop weakness of the throat muscles.

Laryngomalacia Treatment

Rare cases of Laryngomalacia necessitate surgery; the procedure is done to cut to aryepiglottic folds for the purpose of opening the suprapiglottic airway spring. Severe cases of Laryngomalacia may need a temporary tracheotomy; which is a surgical procedure done on the neck to create an incision in the trachea that will serve as the temporary airway.

Laryngomalacia Symptoms and Signs

Just like other medical conditions associated with the throat, similar symptoms are manifested by Laryngomalacia including squeaking noise upon inhalation that can be described as high-pitched (inspiratory stridor). Infants most probably will experience difficulties in feeding. Most common symptoms are breathing difficulties.

Laryngomalacia Causes

Some cases of Laryngomalacia are inherited; however, this is not a gene-associated medical condition.

Laryngomalacia by state

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