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Laryngocele Definition

Laryngocele is a rare medical condition where an air-filled sac connected with the larynx becomes enlarged. It can be of congenital nature. It can also be acquired. Players of wind instruments are probable victims of this rare disorder because of continuous strong expiration, which gives weighty pressure in the larynx, which later on leads to laryngeal ventricle dilatation. There external and internal type of Laryngocele and there is also a combination of both.

Laryngocele Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of Laryngocele include the following: * Noisy or loud breathing (wheezing) * Sudden change in voice ( Hoarseness) * Mass located in the neck However, there is a possibility that Laryngocele can be asymptomatic; meaning no evidence or slight symptom is presented even if you have acquired the disease.

Laryngocele Causes

There are three factors that may serve as the causative factor of Laryngocele; although the main cause is the dilatation of laryngeal ventricles. 1. Laryngocele can be of congenital nature; present at birth. 2. Laryngocele can be acquired in certain occupations like the players of wind instruments. 3. Laryngocele can also be secondary to a chronic obstructive airway disease.

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