Laron-type dwarfism natural cures

Laron-type dwarfism Definition

Laron-type dwarfism also known as Laron syndrome, is a autosomal recessive disorder; where the body has adequate amounts of growth hormones but is deficient with receptors needed to develop the growth hormones resulting to excessively short stature or dwarfism. Laron-type dwarfism is named after the Israeli researcher Zvi Laron, who reported the medical condition in 1966 after a longstanding observation that started in 1958.

Laron-type dwarfism Treatment

Primarily treatment of Laron-type dwarfism is by means of biosynthetic IGF-1. This means that Growth Hormone administration has no impact on IGF-1 production.

Laron-type dwarfism Symptoms and Signs

The fundamental indication of Laron-type dwarfism is excessively short-stature. However, there are also other symptoms that are associated with this disorder. The following are some of the features of this syndrome: * Prominent forehead * Depressed nasal bridge (saddle nose) * Obesity features in the trunk * Under-developed jaw * Remarkable small penis (micropenis) * Seizure caused by hypoglycemia ( excessively low blood sugar level) * Small feet * Small hands * Reduced or superior intelligence * High-pitched voice * Delayed bone age * Tooth eruption is overdue

Laron-type dwarfism Causes

Laron-type dwarfism is caused by deficiency in the growth hormone receptors that is necessary to facilitate normal growth development.

Laron-type dwarfism by state

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