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Labyrinthitis Definition

Labyrinthitis is a disorder associated with maintaining balance. The condition is an inflammatory process affecting the labyrinths (a part of the auditory system) that accommodates the vestibular system in the inner ear. The vestibular system is that part of the ear responsible for sensing head position changes.

Labyrinthitis Treatment

There are evidences to claim that selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors can provide effective treatment to Labyrinthitis. As with viral Labyrinthitis, it is essential that treatment with corticosteroids like prednisone be initiated in the early phase of Labyrinthitis.

Labyrinthitis Symptoms and Signs

The fundamental symptom of Labyrinthitis is concerned with problems related to controlling balance. Other significant manifestations include the following: * Loss of hearing * Tinnitus- the perception of sound in the ear without existing sound coming from outside. * Rotational vertigo * Linear vertigo * Nausea * Rapid involuntary movement of the eye * Feeling of being pinched by pins and needles

Labyrinthitis Causes

There are many probable causes of Labyrinthitis: * Labyrinthitis may be due to a viral infection. * It may also be caused by a bacterial infection. * There is also a possibility of developing Labyrinthitis after a significant head injury. * Allergy may also be a causal factor for developing Labyrinthitis. * Additionally, a reaction on any specific medicine may also facilitate the occurrence of Labyrinthitis.

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