Kyphosis natural cures

Kyphosis Definition

Kyphosis is commonly described as curvature of the upper spine. The medical condition can be due to bad posture or any structural abnormality in the spine. There are several kinds of Kyphosis: Postural Kyphosis, Nutritional Kyphosis, Congenital Kyphosis, and Scheuermann's Kyphosis.

Kyphosis Diagnosis

Two types of X-ray have the capability to detect and help in diagnosis of Kyphosis namely: Scolie and AP-Lateral.

Kyphosis Treatment

Severe cases of Kyphosis may necessitate surgical treatment like kyphoplasty for the purpose of bringing an end to the deformity and alleviating the pain; however this is a very complicated procedure and need for separating the vertebrae is a very serious method. One approach to treat Kyphosis is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs combined with abdominal and hamstring muscle exercises. Orthosis or the use of braces has also exhibit remarkable results in trials associated with Kyphosis.

Kyphosis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Kyphosis may or may not present the following manifestations depending on the severity and type of defect: * Mild pain in the back * Fatigue * Breathing difficulties * Manifestations of evident round back Severe cases of Kyphosis can bring about remarkable discomfort and worse, can possible lead to death.

Kyphosis Causes
Bad posture and abnormalities in the structure of the spine are causative factors for Kyphosis.

Kyphosis by state

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