Kyasanur Forest Disease natural cures

Kyasanur Forest Disease Definition

Kyasanur forest disease is a viral hemorrhagic fever that is usually transmitted by ticks (tick-borne). Like all tick-borne diseases, Kyasanur forest disease is caused by infection by a virus. In this case, the virus belongs to the flaviviridae family of virus. This virus mostly spread through arthropod vectors. This disease is prevalent in South Asia. This disease is also known as Monkey Disease and was reported from the Kyasanur Forest of Karnataka, India.

Kyasanur Forest Disease Treatment

Preventive treatment is administered through vaccination; attenuated live vaccine is now obtainable and presented along with preventive actions which includes wearing of protective clothing, tick control and mosquito control measures.

Kyasanur Forest Disease Symptoms and Signs

Kyasanur forest disease-inflicted individuals usually present the following manifestations: * Headache * High fever * Bleeding originating from the nasal cavity and throat. * Vomiting During the convalescent period the patient may experience muscle weakness and muscle aches, which makes him uneasy and not capable of performing physical activities; convalescent process is a long-standing process that may last for several months, but the person with Kyasanur forest disease can achieve recovery from 2 weeks after onset of the disease.

Kyasanur Forest Disease Causes

Kyasanur forest disease is caused by infection due to a tick-borne virus belonging to the flaviviridae family.

Kyasanur Forest Disease by state

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