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Kwashiorkor Definition

Kwashiorkor is the type of malnutrition that is commonly believed to be associated with inadequate protein intake. The common sufferers of Kwashiorkor are children with ages from one to four; however, older children and adults can also be inflicted with this condition. This usually occurs when a weaned children receives a diet replacement that high on carbohydrates and starch but low in protein.

Kwashiorkor Diagnosis

Diagnosis is usually based on clinical appearance and diet history of the patient with Kwashiorkor.

Kwashiorkor Treatment

The most recommendable treatment for Kwashiorkor is addition of food energy and protein to the diet.

Kwashiorkor Symptoms and Signs

A child with Kwashiorkor usually presents the following symptoms: * Swollen abdomen (pot belly), which may due to accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity (ascites) or a extremely enlarged liver as a result of fatty liver. * Skin and hair pigment changes or alternating bands of pale and dark hair (flag signs). * Severe weight loss * Stunted growth * Remarkable tiredness and loss of energy, also known as lethargy * Impaired immunity or reduced immune response because they fail to produce antibodies against any sickness even after a previous vaccination * Delayed puberty * Dermatitis * Depigmented skin

Kwashiorkor Causes
Protein deficiency is the very well-accepted cause of Kwashiorkor; however the deficiency in this nutrient may not be the fundamental causative factor enough to cause Kwashiorkor. Deficiency in other nutrients that are considered as anti-oxidant protection nutrients (for example: iodine and vitamin C) plus insufficient protein intake will likely result to development of Kwashiorkor. Another causative factor for Kwashiorkor is aflatoxin poisioning, which resulted from eating moldy foods.

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