Kugelberg Welander Disease natural cures

Kugelberg Welander Disease Definition

Kugelberg-Welander disease, or juvenile spinal muscular atrophy, is a disease that affects one's manner of walking, running and climbing steps.

Kugelberg Welander Disease Diagnosis

Kugelberg-Welander disease is diagnosed based on the symptoms presented by the patient.

Kugelberg Welander Disease Treatment

Treatment for the disease is by managing the present symptoms suffered by the patient. This includes physical therapy and orthotic supports. Genetic counseling is also recommended.

Kugelberg Welander Disease Symptoms and Signs

Persons with the disease experience a progressive degeneration of their mobile abilities. They find it hard to walk and run properly, and suffer pain while doing such activities. Tremors can also be felt on the fingers.

Kugelberg Welander Disease Causes
Kugelberg-Welander disease is an autosomal dominant disorder.

Kugelberg Welander Disease by state

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