krukenberg Tumor natural cures

krukenberg Tumor Definition

A Krukenberg tumor is a secondary ovarian abnormality in which an ovarian tumor grows in the gastrointestinal tract. These tumors are characterized by the presence of mucin-secreting signet-ring cells in the ovarian tissues.

krukenberg Tumor Diagnosis

The tumor can be diagnosed through CT scans, biopsy of the ovary and laparotomy.

krukenberg Tumor Treatment

The Krukenberg tumor is a secondary tumor; therefore it can only be treated once the primary tumor is found and has been removed.

krukenberg Tumor Symptoms and Signs

Patients with the tumor often complain about pain in the abdomen or pelvis, vaginal bleeding, bloatedness and discomfort during intercourse.

krukenberg Tumor Causes
The causes for the development of the Krukenberg tumor are either due to lymphatic abnormalities in the ovaries, or metastasis of the tumor cells found in the stomach.

krukenberg Tumor by state

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