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Kohler Disease Definition

Kohler Disease is a rare bone disorder taking place on the foot usually occurring in children aging from six to nine years old. A German radiologist named Alban Kohler was the first to describe this disease in 1908. Kohler disease usually affects boys, but girls can also develop this kind of disease.

Kohler Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis is achieved through X-ray of both feet.

Kohler Disease Treatment

Usually, the treatment practice is to cast the affected foot typically with an orthopedic cast in order to keep the bone in place until it has achieved complete healing; Usually, from the tarsal reaching up to below the knee. In addition to this, moderate exercise can also improve the present condition; depending on the advice of the medical doctor.

Kohler Disease Symptoms and Signs

Kohler disease sufferers often exhibit one or more of the following manifestations: * Pain in the middle portion of the foot * Inflammation in the mid-section of the foot * This may cause them to walk lamely or shuffle * the tarsal bone in the affected foot may appear broad and flattened

Kohler Disease Causes
There is still no reliable proof as to what causes Kohler Disease, they simply rely to the idea that the disease may be a result of a strain to any tarsal bone in the foot (navicular bone).

Kohler Disease by state

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